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Book List

Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Drive by Daniel H. Pink

21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times by Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel

The Trouble With Boys by Peg Tyre

Culturally Responsive Teaching & the Brain by Zaretta Hammond



Sylvie Bullard 

Sylvie joins Sycamore Valley Elementary and the SRVUSD team from Burton Valley Elementary School in Lafayette where she has been Assistant Principal since 2016. Prior to that she was an elementary teacher for ten years at Wagner Ranch Elementary School in Orinda. Sylvie’s leadership accomplishments include working with and coaching new and veteran teachers in Readers and Writers Workshop and initiating a schoolwide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support System. She has coached teachers to engage in the constantly evolving strategies of ‘workshop,’ helping to encourage students in the areas of curiosity, creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration, and has served as a master teacher and induction provider for several credential candidates and new teachers. Sylvia received a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Spanish from UC Davis and a Masters degree in Developmental Teacher Education from UC Berkeley.


Sylvie Bullard


Sycamore Valley's Mission and Core Belief


All students can learn and have the right to a free and accessible learning environment, whereby: individuality, culture and learning styles are embraced and celebrated.  Our mission is to instill life-long learning in an academically challenging and stimulating classroom, promote critical thinking skills and examine our students’ growth to inform our instructional practices.   


Shark Key Values:

  • To support an inclusive learning environment through equitable teaching practices, tolerance and compassion.
  • To continue strengthening relationships by nurturing a sense of teamwork, respect and trust with all stakeholders in our learning community.
  • Self-reflection to improve, motivate and deliver purposeful instruction to ALL students.
  • To assure basic skills, problem solving and encourage life-long learning for our students.