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Sycamore Yearbook Information

The Sycamore yearbook is created by a volunteer team of students and parents, and guided by one of Sycamore's teachers.  The yearbook committee is selected after students submit applications, and then meets every week from September to April to complete the yearbook.  
In order to make a yearbook that includes as many of our students as possible, we use composite-style pages for school photos by class, and then use hundreds of candid pictures from our multiple events at Sycamore.  This is where our parent community really contributes: by uploading their pictures to the Herff Jones website for Sycamore, we are able to include almost every child in a candid or two!  Please see below for instructions. 
Great Picture is one that has about one to four people in it and is a close up shot showing the subject from above the waist.

Here are some photo-worthy opportunities throughout the school year:



26th                  Festival Around the World




25th                  Fun Run

28th-31st         Red Ribbon Week

31st                  Halloween Parade



15th                   Family Game Night



29th                   Book Swap



7th                     Family Game Night



23rd-27th         Spirit Week



We also need pictures of kids at lunch, recess, PE, Library, Art, Music and Field Trips. If you are volunteering on campus during any of these activities and have pictures to share, please do.


Yearbooks go into production in April and are handed out the last week in May. They are available for purchase during Fall Registration.


If you don’t remember if you purchased one during Registration, please go to FutureFund  Click on View Profile, Login to your Account, and Click on View Your Orders to confirm if you have purchased one.




How to submit pictures from your computer


1.  Click Eshare to take you to the website.

3.     The HJ eShare login window will appear.

4.     Type in the School Code - sycamoresharks

5.     Click the Login button.


6.     The subscriber must fill in all requested information, read and accept the terms and conditions with each 10 images uploaded.

7.     Navigate to and select up to 10 image files.

8.     Click the Open button.

9.     Enter: grade of students, students shown in picture and description.

10.   Click the Submit Image Information button.

11.   Confirm the upload files and click the OK button.

12.   The upload progress will be monitored.

When the upload is complete:

13.   Click the Upload Images button or  exit the browser.


How to submit pictures using your smart phone with the eShare iPhone app


1.  Go to the app store and search "Herff Jones eShare"

2.  Download and install the free app.

3.  Launch the app and enter our school code, which is: sycamoresharks

4.  Select our school and enter your information

5.  Accept the terms of use and tap "Open Camera" to take a photo or "Browse Images" to upload a photo from your Camera Roll or PhotoStream.

6.  Select the photo you want to upload, complete the Image Info fields and tap upload.

5th Grade Baby Pictures

Click here for information about submitting your 5th graders baby photo