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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Grade 1-5 students should arrive at school no earlier than 8:15am unless accompanied by an adult. There will be no supervision prior to 8:15 am. Upon arrival, students should proceed directly to the playground. When it is raining, students will report to the MPR until the bell rings.  When the bell rings they will proceed directly to their classroom. 

Kindergarten students will report to their classroom in the morning and will be release directly from their classroom.  If you are late, you need to come to the office with your student to get a late pass and then report to your classroom.


Please make arrangements/plans for how you will reunite with your child BEFORE the school day begins. Phone calls to change plans during the day are not easy to communicate to students as it interrupts the learning of all children in the classroom. Students that have specific "one day" instructions for dismissal need to give a signed note to their teacher explaining the instructions at the beginning of the day or have this arranged in advance with the teacher. Students that will be frequently picked up by other families (ex. carpools or walking groups), need to have that family's contact information included in their electronic "emergency card" via Parent Portal.  

Regular Dismissal Procedures

1.  Students being picked up by a car or by carpool are picked up at the flagpole. Please pull up as far as   possible at the curb.

2.  Do not park and leave your car. If you need to get out of your car, you must park in the parking lot, not at the curb.

3.  Please obey all posted traffic signs.  

4.  Please obey and respect the staff directing traffic.

5.  Students must be picked up or walk home immediately after dismissal.

6.  Kids Country students walk to the Kids Country building to meet Kids Country staff (or follow instructions from Kids Country staff).

Early Dismissal Procedures

If you are picking up your student early from school, please email the teacher in advance if possible so they will have your student ready and packed up when you arrive. When you arrive at school, report to the office to sign your student out.  The office staff will then call your students classroom and request the student bring their backpack and report to the office.  Your student will meet you in the office.  Parents are never permitted to go directly to a classroom for any reason.  The office will not call ahead to have your student waiting in the office for you to arrive.